The 7 hardest levels in Homescapes and how to beat them

At the surface Homescapes is a relatively simple match-3 game. However, some of the levels are seriously challenging. In this post we’ll go over the hardest levels in Homescapes and give you some advice on how to beat them. Keep in mind though, that the levels we’re going to be talking about are not the absolute hardest levels. Some of the highest levels in Homescapes are more difficult than the ones we’re going to be talking about. Rather, the levels we’re talking about are very hard for the point in game you have to complete them. Take for instance level 24. Level 24 is quite early in the game but many people have problems beating it.

However, with the help of this guide you’ll blast through these levels in no time. Let’s get started!

Level 24

As we’ve mentioned before level 24 is very early in the game but its difficulty does not reflect that. It’s very hard to beat for such an early level. Level 24 requires you to clear 40 yellow lamps and 40 blue books from the field within 22 moves. The difficulty comes from the boxes that take up space on the board. Since you don’t have that many moves available in this level the use of power ups is essential. Take a look at the video below by skillgaming to learn how to beat level 24 without using any boosters:

Of course, your tiles might not be arranged the same way as they are in this video. However, it will give you a good idea of what to do. If you need more help follow these tips:

  • Focus on clearing the boxes first. You can do this by making combinations next to them.
  • Take advantage of power ups. The bomb is essential in clearing the boxes.
  • You might have to use lives or boosters. If you really can’t get through then the use of lives or boosters might be necessary. Don’t worry though, the levels after 24 (except 28) are considered easier by most players. If you’re in need of more lives/boosters check out the post we wrote about cheating in Homescapes.

Level 28

Level 28 comes soon after level 24 and is quite difficult as well. It seems like the game developers really wanted to make the level 20’s as hard as they could. To complete level 28 you’re required to get 5 donuts to the exit. You’ve got 25 moves to do so. To do this you have to bring them all the way to the bottom. In addition, you have to fill the entire board with a green carpet. Getting the donuts out isn’t that hard by itself, but combining it with the green carpet makes the level quite challenging.

To get a general idea of how to beat level 28 in Homescapes check out the video by skillgaming:

If you’re in need of more help remember to take your time. This is a very general tip, but we just want to remind you that there’s no time limit so only make a move if you’re sure it’s optimal. You don’t want to waste moves and later finding out it’s a mistake.

Level 45

In level 45 you have to clear 20 cherries within 24 moves. The main problem in this level is that the cherries are enclosed jelly and surrounded by stones. If you start off with a bomb combination count yourself lucky because it will make the level a lot easier. Check out the video below to see how to beat level 45:

Level 48

In level 48 you have to collect 4 donuts within 24 moves. This sounds easy enough, but the donuts have to travel a long ways. Check out the video below how to complete level 48:

Level 50

To complete level 50 you have to collect 18 cherries and 4 donuts. You have 30 moves to do this. Take a look at the video below to see how to do level 50:

Level 64

In level 64 you have to lay the green carpet again. In addition you have to remove 22 cookies. You’ve got 29 moves to do this. There are a lot of tiles enclosed in chains, which makes it quite hard. Check out this video to see how to beat level 64:

Level 80

In level 80 you once again have to lay the green carpet. However, unlike the other levels in this list there’s no other object to complete. Nevertheless, you have to lay a pretty large amount of carpet. In total you have to lay 87 tiles of green carpet. To see how to complete level 80 in Homescapes, check out this video:


So, that’s the 7 hardest level in Homescapes in our opinion and how to beat them. Do you agree, disagree? Let us know in the comments if your hardest level is or isn’t on the list! Good luck in your quest to renovate the mansion.

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