Homescapes Cheats & Hacks – How to obtain free coins and stars

About Homescapes Cheats and Hacks

Quick summary: All Homescapes Hacks and Cheats that you can find on the internet are completely fake. There is no way to hack or cheat in Homescapes. However, there are ways to obtain free coins and stars in Homescapes. Use our guide to learn how you can obtain free stars and coins by clicking the button below:

Homescapes is one of the most popular free to play games for Android and iPhone. In addition you can also play it on Facebook. It’s currently the number 11 top grossing Simulation game on the App Store. If you’re on this page you’re probably a fan of Homescapes just like us. In Homescapes you have in game currency called coins and stars. You can obtain these coins and stars while playing the game but coins in particular can be very hard to obtain in the game. However, it is possible to obtain these coins by paying for them through micro transactions. We have bought coins many times, but thought it was time that we started looking for alternatives since the coins are quite expensive. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on the game if you go all out!

Homescapes Hacks & Cheats

Therefore we decided to start looking on the internet for Homescapes Cheats or a Homescapes Hack. At first we were hopeful that we would find a generator to obtain free coins and stars in Homescapes but we were quickly disappointed. We found many websites and YouTube videos like this that promised us free coins and stars with the click of a button

Unfortunately all these so called hacks and cheats for Homescapes were completely FAKE! We did not receive any coins or stars by using these “generators”.  It would be great if it was as simple as entering your username and watching the coins and stars pour into your account, but unfortunately if it seems too good to be true, it often is.

Tips on obtaining free coins and stars

Just because the hacks and cheats for Homescapes are complete fakes does not mean that there are no means of obtaining coins and stars in the game. As we’ve mentioned before, you can obtain them for free while playing the game. Most people don’t play the game very efficiently, which causes them to run out of coins and stars very fast. We will give you some tips that you can use while playing the game to increase your coins and stars for free.


Use our Guide

Our guide has very good methods that are not mentioned on this page to obtain free coins and stars in Homescapes with little effort. These are the methods that the pro’s already use and that they desperately want to keep secret. However, we decided to release it to the public. It took many hours of research to put the information that we found together in an easy to follow guide. Our guide will show you step-by-step how you can obtain free coins and stars in Homescapes without having to play the game. Best of all, the method in our guide works 100% of the time. Stop falling for fake hacks and use our 100% guaranteed working free guide instead.

Match 3’s.

Match 3’s are a good way of obtaining coins and stars. There are many levels of Match 3’s to complete and if you complete them all you will receive a nice amount of coins and stars. If you are stuck on completing these Match 3’s there are many resources online that can help you out. This website is a good example.

Another good resource that can teach you how to beat hard match 3 levels without using any powerups is solvedapps. They have a walkthrough for every single level which comes in very useful on hard levels that you’re stuck at!


Events are another good way to obtain coins or stars. To learn more about events, check out Homescapes’ official website on events. Events are not always available but when they are it’s one of the best ways of obtaining resources so it’s worth checking if there are any available!


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