About us

About Tap Tap Gaming

We created taptapgaming in March 2018 after being fed up with seeing all these fake cheat websites offering so called cheats for mobile games that never work. Whenever we were playing a game on our mobile phones and were looking for a way to get free resources in the game we would always see fake cheats pop up. We’re sure you’ve been in a similar situation.

After seeing so many fake hacking websites we decided to put in the time and effort to create guides to obtaining resources the legit way for our favorite games. That way we can help other fans of the games that we love.

All our guides for obtaining free gems, crystals and other in-app purchases for free are available free of cost. We put a lot of time and effort into creating these guides. And unlike websites that offer generators that promise you gems or other resources with a single click our guides actually work.

We also write other strategy guides for our favorite games occasionally.

Our objective

We know how expensive freemium games can be, and therefore it’s understandable that there are so many people looking for ways to get ahead. Be that through cheats, hacks or guides.

Our objective is to create a space where gamers can go when they’re looking for ways to obtain free resources. We want TapTapGaming.com to be the website gamers visit whenever they start a new game and are looking to get an edge. We are aware that when gamers are looking for ways to obtain free resources in mobile games they often end up on websites that claim they have hacks or cheats. These websites are a thorn in our eye. They provide no value to the user.

Our long term goal is to have a guide available for all the most popular games available so that our readers can enjoy to their fullest extent.

What you can expect from us

You can expect us to release new guides often. As we’ve said, our aim is to have guides available for all the most popular mobile games. This means that we’re working hard to provide guides to our users.

You can also expect our guides to be of high quality. We want to assure that our readers are satisfied with our guides. We put a lot of effort into creating them. The research alone usually takes hours, and then we haven’t even started writing them yet!

Furthermore, our guides are always available to you for free. We’ve released over 30 guides at the time of writing this and they’ve all been free. We will not go back on our word on this one.

We also listen to our readers. If you have a question, or a suggestion we always love to hear it. We’ve created several guides about games that our users have requested. We’re always up for new requests. If you have any requests then feel free to contact us.