Homescapes Highest Level & Rooms Available in the Game (in order)

Homescapes is one of the most popular match 3 games out there. The game has an enormous following, and many people love the game. When you start playing Homescapes you only have access to a single room: the bedroom. However, you might be curious what other rooms are available in Homescapes and in what order they’re unlocked. Additionally, since there are so many levels you might be wondering exactly how many levels there are in the game.

In this post we’ll go over everything you need to know about all the rooms and levels that the mansion has to offer. Let’s get started.

The rooms in the Homescapes Mansion

We’ll first go over every room in the game. Every single room in the game has its own part in story, but in order not to spoil the game for you we’ll let you discover the story on your own. So here we go, all the Homescapes rooms in order:

1. The bedroom
The bedroom is the room where it all starts. It’s the first room you’ll renovate. You’ll learn a bit about the story in this room but it mostly serves as an introduction to the game.

2. The Hallway
The hallway is the second room Austin renovates. The hall is the heart of the house so it’s essential for it to be renovated.

3. The Kitchen
Once you’ve renovated the Hallway you move on to the next room: The kitchen.

4. The Garden
When you’re done renovating the Kitchen you’ll unlock the Garden. The Garden will tell a love story about William and Olivia.

5. The Living Room
Next up is the living room. The living room tells the story of Austin’s Grandfather, Charles Barrow.

6. The Garage
Once the Living Room has been renovated you gain access to the garage. In the garage there’s a car, when it’s fixed it will be used in a parade.

7. Party Room
When the Garage has been fully renovated and you’ve reached level 960 you can enter the Party Room. The party room is where Austin’s mother celebrates her birthday.

8. The Library
When you’re done renovating & partying in the party room it’s time for some reading. But before you can do that, you have to fix up the library. Doing so requires at least level 1400.

9. The Guest Wing
No home is complete without a guest wing, so that’s where you’re headed after completing the library.

10. The Relaxation Room
All this renovating is hard work, and sometimes you need to relax for a bit. That’s where the Relaxation room comes in handy. You gain access to the Relaxation Room once you’re done renovating the guest wing and have reached at least level 2000.

11. The Boathouse
The boathouse is unlocked once you fully renovate the relaxation room. It’s also the last room in the mansion, however, there are other houses to restore!

Rooms in The Lake House

Once you complete the Mansion you can move on to the lake house. As the name suggests, this house is located on a lake. However, there are substantially less rooms to renovate in the lake house than in the mansion. Nevertheless, here are the rooms in the lake house that you can unlock.

  1. The Living Room
  2. Cabin
  3. Studio
  4. Bakery

That’s the complete list of all the rooms that are available in Homescapes in chronological order. However, since the game gets frequent updates new rooms might be added at any moment.

What is the highest level in Homescapes?

Even though Homescapes has so many levels that it seems to never end, there is in fact a maximum level you can reach. Many people are curious what exactly the highest level is in the game, and we were as well. So we did some digging and found out that as of writing this the highest level is 3740.

However, the creators of the game add new levels every single week. Usually they add around 25 levels every week.

If you need some help getting through the levels in Homescapes you might be interested in learning how to get free coins and stars. If you are, check out the guide we wrote here.


So that’s it. All the rooms that are available in the mansion and the lake house have been revealed. In addition, you now know how much further you have to go to reach the highest level! Good luck in your Homescapes adventures, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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