Tales of Wind Hacks, Cheat Codes & Free Spirals Guide

Tales of Wind Cheats are in high demand. Many players want to get free spirals and believe that cheats will help them obtain them. But can you really get free spirals by entering your username and pressing a few buttons on a generator? We tested them to find out!

Tales of Wind is a relatively new game by Neocraft. It was released in April 2019 for Android and iOS and has experienced rapid growth since then. It currently has millions of downloads all around the world. Tales of Wind is a very fun game, especially if you’re into RPGs like Brown Dust. It has vibrant colors, stunning graphics and the gameplay is very addictive.

However, the issue that often arises with freemium games like this is the need for premium currency (in the case of Tales of Wind they’re called Spirals). These spirals are quite essential to having an enjoyable gameplay experience but obtaining them can be hard. The main way to get them is through in-app purchases, but this can set you back a lot of money; a package of 4000 spirals costs $99, which is quite a hefty sum for a mobile game in our opinion.

That’s why we were curious if there was a way to obtain free spirals. We quickly discovered that there are numerous options out there on the internet that claim to be able to give you all the spirals you’ll ever need for free. Sometimes these sites offer cheat codes, other times “spiral generators”. But do any of these things really work? In this post we’ll go over everything you need to know about cheating in Tales of Wind. Let’s get started!

Tales of Wind Spiral Hacks

We started out by testing the Tales of Wind Hacks that we found online. There are numerous websites that offer these kinds of tools, but they’re virtually all the same. Take a look at the screenshot below to get an idea of what they look like.

tales of wind hack screenshot

As you can see, it asks you to enter your username, the platform you play the game on and the amount of Spirals that you’d like to generate. Maybe you’ve come across similar sites on your own in your quest for free spirals. In order to find out if any of these so called “spiral hacks for Tales of Wind” really work we followed all the steps to find out if we would receive any spirals in our account.

Do they work?

Even though we followed all the steps on these generators to the letter (double checking to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes). None of them delivered on their promises. All of them claim to be the ONE working hack on the internet, but we’ve proven this to be completely false. Every single time after you complete one of those dreaded “human verifications” you’re left empty handed.

If you come across sites like this, that promise you thousands of spirals by entering your username and clicking on a button then stay far away. Absolutely none of them work at all. They’re simply too good to be true and are a huge waste of your time.

Cheat codes for Tales of Wind

You also have sites that take a different approach. Instead of offering you a “generator” they claim that you can enter one of their cheat codes into the game to unlock spirals (and many other in-app purchases) for free.

But, there’s one huge problem with these cheat codes: how do you enter them?! That’s the one thing these websites conveniently forget to tell you, and the reason for it is simple. You see, the so called “cheat codes” they provide you with usually look something like this:

  • 4000 Spirals – TW_442niPoNowQ

Which might look like a legitimate cheat code, but is simply a randomly generated string of letters, numbers and characters. It’s completely useless because you cannot enter it anywhere in the game.

However, it is possible to get free spirals in Tales of Wind, if you’re willing to put in a bit more effort. Keep reading to find out how.

How to get free spirals legitimately

It’s quite sad to see so many people get deceived by sites like this when there’s a REAL method of obtaining free spirals readily available. We’ve discovered this method a while ago and have used it ever since with great success.

This method is completely legitimate, doesn’t involve any hacking or cheating and will actually work. Now, you have to understand that nothing in life comes without putting in a bit of work; the same goes for spirals. However, with our method you can obtain spirals for free without having to put in all that much time and it’s ridiculously easy to do.

We’ve created a guide that will teach you our exact method so that you can replicate it. The guide works on both the Android and iOS version of Tales of Wind, doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting and is available completely for free.

On top of that, there’s no human verification required to access the guide. You can simply click on the blue button and gain access to our free guide instantly.

tales of wind free spirals guide button


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