Golf Clash 2 – Will Golf Clash ever have a sequel?

Sequels to mobile games are pretty uncommon. Nevertheless, several wildly successful games have managed to pull it off. This begs the question: Will Golf Clash ever have a sequel? Will there ever be a Golf Clash 2? In this post We’ll explore whether or not PlayDemic will ever release a sequel to their most popular game. We’ll go over which games have successfully pulled off a sequel to their game (and why most don’t), the arguments for and the arguments against a sequel. Finally, we’ll give a conclusion. Let’s get started.

Examples of successful sequels and why continuous updates are king

Temple Run, one of the most popular games of all time on both Android and iOS released Temple Run 2. Saying that the sequel to their original Temple Run was a success is an understatement. The game has racked up over half a billion downloads on Android alone. And with almost 9 million reviews, the game definitely was a success. Other popular games that have had sequels are Plants vs Zombies, Where’s my water, Real Racing, CSR Racing and others.

However, while there are examples of successful sequels, the trend for free-to-play mobile games like Golf Clash seems to be that of continuous updates rather than sequels. There are several reasons why most games that use the freemium monetization model often opt to go for updates to the original game rather than sequels. The main ones being:

  • Risk
    It’s easier to keep your player base than to convince them to download the sequel to your game and play that instead. In addition, it’s easier and cheaper to develop updates to your existing game than to build a sequel.
  • Discoverability
    There are a staggering 903,489 gaming apps on the App Store. Standing out from the crowd is tough. When you’ve managed to do so, for instance by being on the top free charts the last thing you want to do is potentially give up your spot by creating a sequel.

Arguments for Golf Clash 2

Some people believe that the drastic changes in some updates to Golf Clash warrant a sequel to the game. They’d prefer that there’d be a Golf Clash 2 instead of of making big changes to the existing game.

In addition, an argument for creating Golf Clash 2 is that you can develop the game from scratch. This means that you can implement better networking, better graphics, better game play mechanics and everything else the community is asking for.

Arguments against Golf Clash 2

There aren’t that many arguments for making a sequel to Golf Clash. However, the arguments against making a sequel are numerous (both for the players and developers).

  1. It fractures the playerbase
    When you release a sequel to your game, you’re naturally going to have people that will keep playing the original. This means that your player base will be fractured; with some playing the original, and others playing the sequel. As a result, players might have longer wait times before they find a match and less competition.
  2. Some players have spent hundreds of dollars on the game
    This ties in the the previous point; people that have spent hundreds of dollars on gems in Golf Clash are unlikely to be willing to make the switch to a sequel where they’d have to start all over.
  3. It’s expensive
    Salaries of good game developers are high. And if you want to live up to the expectations of players of your original game you’re going to have to deliver the best of the best. Otherwise your biggest fans can turn into your biggest critics. This means that creating a sequel to the game will be quite a costly endeavor. This investment could instead be put into updates for the original game.


A sequel for Golf Clash seems very unlikely at the current time. Developing Golf Clash 2 would allow the developers to create a whole new game, with better networking, game play and graphics but comes at a high cost. The cost of creating a sequel is not only paid by the developers of the game, but also by the players themselves. Their community would be fractured and players who have spent a lot of money on in-app purchases are unlikely to want to switch to the sequel.

The only way I could imagine a sequel for Golf Clash coming to fruition is when the game starts dying down. Free-to-play mobile games have a notoriously low lifespan, and a sequel might just blow new life into a game.

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