Toy Blast Highest Level – How many levels does Toy Blast have in 2020?

Toy Blast has no shortage of levels to complete. It seems like every time you complete a level a new level is waiting for you. But is there an end to it? Is there a maximum level you can reach in Toy Blast? After watching some gameplay of people playing levels in the thousands, we were wondering the same thing. So we did some research to find out what the highest level in Toon Blast is.

It proved harder to find out what exactly the highest level is than we expected. There is no official answer from Peak Games about this question so we had to find out some other way. Since the game has been out since 2015 and has been continuously updated ever since we assumed the maximum level must be pretty high. Eventually we managed to find out that there are ~3460 levels in Toy Blast at the time of writing this post.

So while the game is not quite endless, if you’re just getting started reaching the maximum level will take quite a while. However, the game gets updated regularly and new levels are added to the game often. By the time you reach the maximum level there might have been hundreds of new levels already released. If you wanna check out some video footage of someone playing a very high level, check out the video below:

The Legends Arena

But the fun doesn’t end there. For the dedicated few who manage to complete all the available levels in the game there’s something called “the legends arena”. In the legends arena you’re put in a league with 20 other players (who have also completed all the levels in Toy Blast).

In this league the goal is to collect the most medals by completing levels. Whoever completes the most levels, and thereby collects the most medals will receive rewards.

The top 3 players in the Legends Arena will receive coins as a reward. The remaining 7 will be rewarded with a Drill Booster. These rewards are awarded to the players in the league once the season ends. The season ends when new levels are released.

If you wish to enter the Legends Arena once again, you must first complete all the new levels.

So there you have it, the highest level available in Toy Blast and what happens after. We hope this post was helpful. Let us know in the comments; are you aiming to be a part of the Legends Arena or is the Legends Arena simply out of reach?

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