Toy Blast Cheats: Do Coin Hacks really work?

If you’re looking for a way to get free coins in Toy Blast you’ve probably been attempting to find working Toy Blast Cheats. There are many sites that claim to have hacks for this game, but do any of them actually work? Today we’re going to find out!

Toy Blast (Not to be confused with Toon Blast) is yet another puzzle game from Peak Games. It’s without any doubt one of the most popular puzzle games to have ever been released. The game has an insane 2.3 million reviews on Android and over 500k+ on iOS with an average rating of 4.7 stars. Since Toy Blast is so popular, it’s no wonder that people have been attempting to get free coins. Coins are super important in the game and having a lot of them will make your life a lot easier.

Whenever you attempt to find a way to get free coins there are many sites that can claim to help you out. They offer you their free coins generator and claim to be able to add thousands, if not millions, of coins to your account with the click of a button. But is getting free coins really that simple? Can you really enter your username, click on a few buttons and be loaded with coins?

There’s only one way to find out: testing. Normally you’d have to go and test them all yourself, but no longer. We’ve gone ahead and tested every single website that offer coin cheats for Toy Blast in our quest to find one that works. This post will answer every question you’ve ever had about cheating or hacking in Toy Blast. Let’s get into it!

The truth about Toy Blast Hacks

Funnily enough, while there are many sites that offer hacks for this game, they pretty much all look the same. They all make you enter your username, specify the amount of coins you want and claim to be able to add it to your account once you complete their verification.

Usually they look similar to this:

toy blast hack screenshot
This is what your average coins generator for Toy Blast looks like. Looks familiar? They all pretty much look the same…

In order to find out if any of them worked we went through the multiple hours long process of testing them all manually. We followed the steps on each of them, hoping to find at least one of them that works.

Unfortunately this was without success. All of these coin hacks claim to work, but none actually do. After you complete their verification you’re left empty handed every single time. It’s quite frustrating to be quite honest.

Even the ones that we found on YouTube videos that show the “hack” in action do not work. These videos are doctored through the use of video editing software to trick you into believing that it will work. No matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise: you won’t receive any free coins from tools like this.

They’re just too good to be true, don’t waste your time on ’em.

Toy Blast Cheat Codes

Apart from these generators, there’s also sites that go a different route: cheat codes. These websites offer you cheat codes for Toy Blast that you’re supposedly able to enter into the game to unlock in app purchases for free. While that sounds good in theory, there’s one major problem with them: how do you enter these cheat codes?

That’s the thing with these sites that offer cheat codes, they don’t tell you where to enter them! The reason for this is quite simple, you can’t enter them anywhere. These cheat codes are simply click bait to lure you to their site. They usually look a bit like this:

1. 25 Coins – “Vh4DS38mNiioop_LF”
2. 140 Coins – “CiJfnm299MiNmm_Zb”
3. 300 Coins – “CBA2dd4UmiOOP_9M”
4. Tiny Coin Pack – “mpDAR4m99tffz_FC”
5. 625 Coins – “azriMiPoNqfm_n1”
6. Super Bundle – “MAXifm2Piin_4R”
7. Toy Bundle – “DAN23mXfei223_MR”
8. Small Coin Pack – “200IQplnm233s_XI”
9. Piggy Bank – “SHIIxx23nIjp_FS”
10. Beginner’s Bundle – “AnkIrm3oxwinmIJ_jp”

While they might look legit, they’re in fact nothing more than random numbers, letters and symbols. It’s unfortunate, but just like those coin generators, cheat codes do not work either.

However, it is possible to get free coins in a different way. Want to know how? We’ll tell you our exact method in the next section.

How to get free coins in Toy Blast

It’s sad to see that there’s so much trickery online regarding Toy Blast Cheats, that’s why we didn’t want to leave you empty handed and decided to share our method of obtaining free coins.

This method has worked incredibly well for us, and we’re sure it will work great for you too. It’s a completely legitimate way to get free coins that doesn’t rely on any hacks and cheats. Now, of course, since it’s a legitimate method it’ll take a bit of your time. However, it’s still super easy and quick to do.

To explain the method properly we have made a step by step guide. The guide will show you the exact steps you need to take to replicate our method.

The guide is available for free and does not require human verification in order to access! Unlike other websites we’re not here to waste your time with surveys and stuff like that. You can simply press the button and be brought to our guide IMMEDIATELY, no trickery here.

If you’re ready to get started with the only working method of getting free coins then click the blue button below to access our guide.

Toy Blast Coins Guide Button

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