Tank Stars Cheat Codes, Hacks, Modded APKs & Free Coins/Gems

Many people look for Tank Stars Cheats because they want to obtain coins, gems and a diamond membership for free. There are plenty of sites that claim to have working hacks for Tank Stars, but do any of them actually work? In today’s post we’re going to find out.

Tank Stars is one of the most player free apps on both the Android and iOS platform. The game was released in 2018 by Playgendary and enjoyed instant success. The game is still very popular and has a dedicated player base all across the globe. It currently has over 61k reviews on iOS with an average rating of 4.5 stars. On Android the game has an average rating of 4 stars with over 600k reviews.

We’ve been playing the game ever since it was released and always had a good time whenever we played, but there was one thing that we felt held back our enjoyment: the need for gems, diamond membership and coins.

Gems and diamond membership are especially important in the game because they give you huge advantages. Without them the game is simply not as fun. Obtaining them however can be a problem. The usual way of getting them is by purchasing them through in-app purchases but we were curious if it would be possible to get them for free.

We found several websites that offer cheat codes, hacks and modded APKs/IPAs for Tank Stars. But how do you know which ones really work and which ones are fake? Normally you’d have to just go ahead and test them out, but no more. We’ve done all the testing for you and will let you know everything you need to know about cheating in Tank Stars.


If you don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to read through the entire article we’ll leave you with some cliff notes. In them you can find a brief version of what we’ve discovered about hacking Tank Stars. We do encourage you to read the entire post, but hey, it’s up to you.

  • Tank Stars Generators do not work. We’ve tested them all out and while there are many of them out there, none of them will give you any free gems or coins.
  • Cheat codes are no good either. They claim that you can enter them somewhere in the game, but don’t tell you where to do so (you CAN’T enter them anywhere) which makes them useless.
  • Hacked APK’s or IPA’s could work, but we cannot guarantee that they are safe. They’re not official versions of the game so they could contain malicious code! If you use them, do so at your own discretion.
  • Lastly we shared with you our own personal free guide of obtaining free gems, diamond membership and coins. The method in our guide is guaranteed to work and doesn’t break any of the game rules. You can find the guide by scrolling to the bottom of the page or clicking the button below.

Tank Stars Gems Guide

Tank Stars Hacks

If you’ve been looking for ways to get free gems or diamond membership in Tank Stars then you might have come across sites that offer you a hack. Usually they call it an “online gem generator” or something of the sort.

There’s quite a few of these websites out there, and they’re not hard to find.

tank stars hack screenshot
This is what the coin/gem generators you find online for Tank Stars usually look like.

The screenshot above is an example of a Tank Stars hack that we found. It looks pretty legitimate. Before we could access it we had to connect to their server. And before we could generate the coins and gems we had to enter our email. But did it actually work?

Does the hack actually work?

Unfortunately, even though the hack looked pretty legitimate, it didn’t work at all. We made sure to follow all the steps on their website without making any mistakes. However, when we went through the entire “hacking” process and checked our account afterwards we still had the exact same amount of gems and coins as before.

This was quite the disappointment. But we didn’t give up and kept testing the other gem hackers that we found online in hopes of finding at least one that worked.

Do any of the others work?

As we’ve said before, there are many sites that are quite similar to the one we’ve shown you above. We made sure to test them all out, to see if any of them really gave the free gems and coins that they promised.

Unfortunately, these gem generators don’t only look the same; they all function the same as well. They all claim that you can obtain thousands (sometimes even millions) of gems and coins by entering your username and clicking a few buttons but none of them work.

They’re all nothing more than a huge scam and a waste of your time.

Tank Stars Cheat Codes

Next on our list of things to try out were cheat codes. We’ve tested cheat codes for other games before, and never found any working ones, so we didn’t have much hope for it. However, we had to be thorough in our research so we went ahead and tried them out.

There are several different sites that offer you cheat codes for Tank Stars. These cheat codes usually look a bit like this:

Coins – NjjI23_84389iM2
Diamonds – JfmdIp_fjIJlP3

These sites then claim that you have to enter these codes somewhere in the game, but the problem is that they don’t tell you HOW to enter them. The reason for this is really quite simple, you can’t enter them anywhere. These cheat codes are absolutely fake. Since you cannot enter them anywhere in Tank Stars they’re completely useless.

How to get gems, coins & diamond membership for free

It’s sad to see that there’s so much deception to be found when you’re looking for ways to get free gems. Luckily for you, we’ll share with you our own personal method of getting gems, coins and diamond membership for free that’s guaranteed to work. We’ve personally discovered this method and used it to great success.

The method we’re talking about doesn’t involve any hacking, cheating or breaking of the rules. It’s a legitimate method that allows anyone to obtain gems for free. However, since it’s a legitimate method some time investment is required but nothing too bad. It’s still a very quick and most of all EASY way to get gems.

We’ve written a guide that you can follow which we made available completely for free. The guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Tank Stars.

And best of all, even though the guide is free, we require no human verification or anything like that. You can simply click the blue button below and gain access to our guide immediately!

Tank Stars Gems Guide

About Mod APK’s and IPA’s

There’s also another alternative: Mod APK’s (Android) or IPA’s (iOS). These are modified versions of the game that have been developed by other players. These hacked APK/IPA files give you several features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Tank Upgrades

However, while this sounds good there’s one thing you have to take into consideration. These modified versions of the game have been created by people just like you and me. They’re not available on the official Google Play or iTunes stores. Therefore, the code that is used in them is not verified and could contain malicious code.

We have not reviewed their code, so we cannot guarantee that these modded Tank Stars apps are safe to use. If you do decide to try them out, only do so if you know what you’re doing and at your own risk.

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