Super Mecha Champions Hacks, Cheat Codes & Free Crystal Guide

Super Mecha Champions is one of our favorite games, but the fun really begins when you have a lot of Crystals available. Unfortunately, these crystals are quite expensive. However, there are quite a few sites that claim to have working Super Mecha Champions Cheats. But do these hacks, cheats and generators really work? We put them to the test to find out!

Super Mecha Champions had its global release in June this year, after being available in South East Asia since May. The game quickly became popular, and for good reason. The game is simply a blast to play. Super Mecha Champions has been downloaded by millions of players since its release, and has acquired very good ratings. On Android the game has an average rating of 4.4 stars, while on iOS it has an impressive 4.9 stars. NetEase definitely did a good job creating an amazing Battle Royale experience.

The game is free to play, but is monetized with in-app purchases. As is often the case with freemium games like these, there’s a premium currency that you can buy with real money. In Super Mecha Champions this currency is called “crystal”. Crystals are very important in progressing through the game, but they’re anything but cheap. The most expensive package of crystal costs $100 and gives you 6480 crystal.

But what if you could obtain crystal without having to pay such huge amounts of money? There’s no shortage of sites that claim this to be possible; but we wanted to find out for ourselves if the cheat codes and hack tools they offer are actually legit. For that reason we decided to test them out. In this post we’ll share our results and tell you everything you need to know about cheating in Super Mecha Champions, let’s get started!

Super Mecha Champions Hacks

When you look for ways to get free crystals in Super Mecha Champions you’ll inevitably find websites that offer you their hack tools or generators. These generators claim to be able to add thousands of crystal into your account simply by entering your username and clicking on a few buttons. Usually these sites look similar to this:

super mecha champions generator screenshot
A screenshot we took of a Super Mecha Champions hack we found. Let’s test it to see if it really works.

They do not all look exactly the same. Usually they have minor cosmetic differences, but they all promise the same thing: thousands of free crystals for little to no effort.

These websites first ask you to enter your username and the device you play on. Then you will see a window similar to the screenshot above where you can specify how many crystals you want to receive.

But is obtaining free crystals really that simple? Let’s test them and find out.

Do they really work?

That’s the key issue here. Any website can promise you a huge amount of free resources, but if it doesn’t work it’s pointless. We tested every single website that claims to be able to generate thousands of resources into your account to see if any of them lived up to their promises.

Unfortunately, none of these hacks worked. We tested every single one of these websites in hopes of finding at least one that would actually give us free crystals but it was all in vain. Once you go through all of their steps you’ll be left empty handed (and disappointed) every single time.

No matter how much “proof” these sites give you that their generator will work, don’t fall for them. Their proof is just as fake as the generator itself. These tools are simply too good to be true. If getting free crystal was really that simple the developers of the game would patch these hacks in no time and ban the accounts that had used it.

Super Mecha Champions Cheat Codes

In addition the sites that offer hack tools there are also sites that offer something else: cheat codes. They claim to have codes that you can enter into Super Mecha Champions and receive free crystals.

The codes they offer you usually look something like this:

6480 Crystal – Eqp4NeiQ7oo_25IQ
3280 Crystal – Wp4No2oE3_QQ1n

And while these might look like legitimate cheat codes, these sites “forget” to tell you one very important thing: how to enter these codes. Now, before you go scrambling trying to find a way to enter the codes you should know that the cheat codes they give you are not real. They’re nothing more than a randomly generated string of numbers and letters that simply LOOKS like a working cheat code.

You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Super Mecha Champions, so any cheat codes that you find online will not work.

Nonetheless, it is possible to get free crystals in Super Mecha Champions if you’re willing to put in a bit of work. Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how to do so.

How to get free crystals legitimately

We were disappointed to find out that all these cheat codes and generator do not work. But there’s some good news as well. We discovered a method of obtaining free crystals in Super Mecha Champions that doesn’t require any cheating, hacking or breaking of the rules. And best of all, this method actually works.

Since this is a working, legitimate method it will require you to invest some time, but it’s nothing too bad and it’s very easy.

In order to explain our method to you properly we’ve created a free guide that’ll teach you the exact method step by step. The guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game and doesn’t require any jailbreaking or rooting of your device.

In addition, our guide requires no human verification on order to be accessed. You can simply read our guide online immediately. No downloading or any other extra steps are required.

If you’re ready to learn the only working method of obtaining free crystals in Super Mecha Champions click the blue button below.

Super Mecha Champions Free Crystals Guide Button

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