Marvel Future Fight Hack and Cheats – The truth about crystal generators

The truth about Marvel Future Fight Cheats and Hacks

We’re big fans of the Marvel universe and since Marvel Future Fight lets you fight with Marvel heroes it’s no surprise that we got hooked immediately. However, while we were playing we often ran out of crystals. This was very annoying. Crystals are hard to obtain while playing the game. The main way to obtain them is by purchasing them through in app purchases but they’re quite costly. At first glance it might seem like the crystals are reasonably priced, but you burn through them very quickly, especially if you play the game a lot.

For that reason we started searching for cheats for Marvel Future fight. We wanted to find out if it was possible to obtain free crystals in Marvel Future Fight through the use of hacks. In today’s post we will show you the truth about Marvel Future Fight Cheats. We’ll show you all the results of our research and testing. First we’ll answer the question if any Marvel Future Fight Hacks exist. Also, if we find any we will test them out and let you know the results. Every question you’ve ever had about Marvel Future Fight Cheats will be answered in today’s post!

But before we begin, let’s talk a little bit about the game itself. That way our readers who are unaware of Marvel Future Fight can familiarize themselves with it a little. And who knows, maybe they will even want to start playing the game as well!

What is Marvel Future Fight?

Marvel Future fight is an action RPG for Android and iPhone. The game is developed by Netmarble and has millions of players worldwide. In the game you can play as heroes (and villains!) from the Marvel Universe. The game is stacked with super heroes, there are over 100 characters from the Marvel Universe that you can play as which should satisfy even the most die-hard Marvel fan.

You can level up each individual hero and as you do so they become stronger. You can also acquire gear for them to increase their power even further. As you level up the characters they will unlock new abilities which is incredibly fun and makes each character unique.

The game has a ton of different content to explore. It has PvP, missions and a story line that is unique to Marvel Future Fight. We won’t talk too much about the story line because we don’t want to spoil it for you, but we highly recommend you to check it out. It’s quite good! If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe then Marvel Future Fight is a game that you should without a doubt give a try.

Is it possible to hack Marvel Future Fight?

Now that we’ve explained what the game is about let’s get back to the main question of today’s topic. We wanted to know if it’s possible to hack Marvel Future Fight. In order to find this out we started searching for Marvel Future Fight Hack Tools. Our search started on Google, and before long we found several websites that claimed they could enrich our account with an unlimited amount of free crystals.

As we’ve said; we’ll tell you the truth about Marvel Future Fight Cheats in today’s article so we will show you exactly what happens if you use these hacks.

Let’s test the hack we found

The first hack for Marvel Future Fight that we found looked like the image above. At first glance this looks quite legitimate. If you’ve been looking for cheats for Future Fight for a while then maybe you’ve come across generators like this already. It asks you for your username, your device and how many crystals, gold and energy you want to receive.

We entered our username and filled in the rest of the information and pressed the button to start their online generator.

As you can see, it seemed like the generator was working, great! However, once the generating process was finished we were greeted by a human verification pop up. It asked us to complete a survey in order to receive our requested resources. We went through the verification steps and excitedly launched Marvel Future Fight to check to see if our resources were added.

We opened the game and to our disappointment not a single crystal, gold or energy had been added to our account. If you’ve been reading TapTapGaming for a while now you already know that this happens all the time. So we were not too surprised. You also know that we have a certain trick up our sleeve to prove that the hack is fake.

Our second test

Our second test is one that we always use when testing hacks and cheats. We run this test to ensure that the hack is fake. In our second test we always enter a completely random username that makes no sense at all.

As you can see, the username is very random (we just slam our keyboard a couple of times). If the hack is even slightly real then it should recognize that this is not a real account, right? It should not be able to connect to an account that doesn’t exist and should definitely not be able to add crystals to it.

So, we went through all the steps on the unlimited crystals generator once again and of course, everything went exactly as before. It still claimed that it could add gold, crystals and energy to our account without any problems. That’s how we could be sure that this hack is completely fake.

Did other hacks fare any better in our tests?

No, not really. We went through every single Marvel Future Fight Hack that we could find online, and believe us, there are a lot. We’re not going to cover all of them in detail like the one we did above. The one above we showed you as an illustration of what happens when you use any of the Marvel Future Fight Cheats online. They all have a slightly different look but the principle behind them is always the same. They claim they can add unlimited crystals to your account but after you complete their human verification you won’t receive anything.

Sometimes they have video proof of the crystals being added, and we have to admit, it often looks very believable. But we did some searching and we found out that these proof videos can easily be faked by using Adobe After Effects.

We also found websites with cheat codes but these don’t work either. They’re simply a string of random numbers and letters that you can’t enter anywhere in the game.

You might be curious why these websites put so much effort into tricking you into believing they can hack the game for you. The reason is simple: money. They receive advertising revenue every time someone completes their human verification.

However, just because you can’t receive free crystals with hack Marvel Future Fight Hacks does not mean it’s impossible to get crystals for free. It’s very possible and we’ll show you exactly how. Just keep reading!

How to get free crystals in Marvel Future Fight

Once we realized that trying to obtain crystals through the use of hacks or cheats we knew we had to find an alternative method. We’re very experienced in finding methods to obtain free premium currency in multiple games. For example, we’ve created tutorials on obtaining free gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and many other games.

However, while we’re experienced in finding these methods it’s always a challenge that takes a lot of time. This time was no different, we spent hours upon hours testing every method under the sun until we finally found something that worked.

The method that we discovered is super easy to do and also quite fast. You can obtain a lot of crystals for free this way. You won’t find this method anywhere else on the internet, we can guarantee that because we developed this method ourselves.

In our guide we will guide you step by step what you need to do in order to obtain crystals in Marvel Future Fight. Our guide is super easy to follow and doesn’t take long at all.

Our guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game. And best of all, it’s available completely for free!

Furthermore, you don’t break any of the game rules when you use our guide, so you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time on Marvel Future Fight Hack Tools that don’t work and want to learn how to obtain crystals for real then just click the blue button below.



  1. Thanks for confirming what I already thought, it’s impossible to hack Marvel Future Fight. I had a gut feeling that this would be the case but your tests confirm it. Very useful information. I was also curious why they would create these websites and you answered that question too, great stuff. I’m gonna check out the guide later today to see if it’s any good

    1. They literally tell you why. it’s because they have to pay for server costs and when you download a sponsored app they receive a few cents. I’m happy to do it if it helps them out tbh, only takes like a minute anyway

  2. Someone linked me this on reddit when I asked about Marvel Future Fight Cheats. Kinda sad that you can’t receive crystals just by pressing a button but I guess that’s to be expected haha. At least the method in your guide worked well for even if it takes a little bit more time to get the crystals

  3. I thought the guide would just contain some old rehashed information but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that the information is actually really useful to obtain crystals

  4. Has anyone tried the guide? I don’t click the link.
    I doubt it will work because it claim it is free. I heard that you have to pay to hack MFF.
    OR maybe the guide is to tell you finish the daily mission and try to win Time Line?

    1. Hi Edam,

      The guide is free. It doesn’t tell you to finish the daily missions and try to win Time Line. The guide is more advanced than that.

      As we’ve shown you in the posts, none of the MFF Hacks work, that includes paid hacks. Our guide is the only working method of obtaining free crystals.

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