LifeAfter Cheat Codes, Hacks & Free Fed Credits Guide

LifeAfter is a super popular game for Android and iOS, so it’s not surprising that there are many people who want to get free Fed Credits. There are plenty of sites that offer LifeAfter Cheats, but do any of these hack tools actually work? We’ve tested them to find out!

LifeAfter was released in late 2018 by NetEase Games and enjoyed immediate popularity. The game currently has millions of downloads on both platforms all around the world. We started playing the game as soon as it was released and thoroughly enjoyed it.

LifeAfter is free to play, but does have micro transactions. The main premium currency in LifeAfter is called Fed Credits and the main way to obtain them is by paying for them through in-app purchases. However, as with most freemium games, these micro-transactions can quickly add up.

But what if it was possible to get Fed Credits without having to spend any money? A quick search for “LifeAfter Hacks” on any search engine will show you dozens of websites that claim that this is indeed possible and they make it seem very easy. Just enter your username, click a few buttons or enter a cheat code and voila, all the Fed Credits you’ll ever need! But is it really that simple or are these websites too good to be true? Let’s find out.

LifeAfter Hacks

While there are several sites offering hacks or “fed credit generators” they look pretty much identical to one another. If you’ve been trying to get Fed Credits for free for a while now then you might have come across a fed credit hack that looks something like this:

lifeafter hack screenshot

As you can see, it asks you to enter your username and how many Fed Credits you’d like to have.

In order to test if it really worked we typed in the requested information and proceeded through all the steps in hopes of receiving the free resources they promised.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work at all. We made sure to follow the instructions without making any mistakes but we didn’t receive a single credit.

We tested all the other Fed Credit Hack Tools that are out there as well, but all with the same outcome: huge promises, but no results. After testing every single website that claimed to be able to generate thousands of credits into your account simply by clicking a button we can confidently say that they’re all completely fake and do not work at all!

If you’ve encountered sites like the one we’ve shown you above before reading this post and already tried them out yourself, don’t worry, they’re not dangerous. They’re a big waste of time, but they won’t give you any viruses or anything like that.

LifeAfter Cheat Codes

In our quest for free Fed Credits we also discovered some websites that offer cheat codes for the game. These cheat codes are different from the “generators” we’ve shown you above. They claim that by entering a cheat code in the game you can unlock Fed Credits (and other items) for free. These cheat codes usually look a bit like this:

  • Large Credit Box – jfe23mMnp_2x
  • Oversized box credit – KQrpNm9zi_3q

While this sounds nice, the problem arises when you try to enter these cheat codes because they don’t tell you HOW. The reason for this is easy; the cheat codes are fake.

They simply claim to have cheat codes to clickbait you into visiting their site. You cannot enter the cheat code they give you anywhere because it’s not an actual code. It’s simply a randomly generated string of numbers, letters and other characters.

However, it is possible to get free Fed Credits if you’re willing to put in a little bit more time. Want to find out how? Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

How to get free Fed Credits legitimately

While it’s sad to see that there are so many non working sites claiming that you can get free credits with minimal effort that doesn’t mean you have to give up. We discovered a very easy method of obtaining free Fed Credits that’s guaranteed to work. We’ve used it ourselves with great success numerous times. However, while this method will definitely work, it does require some more time investment than clicking a few buttons. But don’t worry, it’s nothing too bad!

In order to explain the method properly we opted to write a short and to the point guide. The guide will teach you our special method step by step so you can follow along with the steps and obtain your free Fed Credits.

The guide is available completely for free, works on both Android and iOS and doesn’t require jailbreak or root. And best of all: no human verification is required!

You can simply click the blue button below and access our guide instantly.

lifeafter fed credits guide button

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