How to obtain free crystals in Heroes Tactics

Heroes Tactics Free Crystals

Heroes Tactics is a player vs player strategy game that has become very popular. The game is quite a lot of fun to play. We’ve been playing the game for a while now and while playing we ran into the issue that we needed more crystals in order to progress in the game. Initially we planned on buying them from the app store but after we looked at the prices for crystals our jaws dropped. The chest of crystals costs $99,99!┬áTo us it was crazy that an in-app purchase could cost so much. That’s when we decided to start researching how to get free crystals in Heroes Tactics.

Heroes Tactics Hacks & Cheats

When we were searching we stumbled upon a lot of spammy sites that offer Heroes Tactics Cheats but these websites are obvious fakes. There’s just no way to just generate crystals for a game like this. You would have to hack into the entire game database. It’s simply impossible.

You might think that the sites that offer Heroes Tactics cheats seem pretty legit. After all they have images and videos where the crystals get added to their account right? Wrong. These pictures and even the videos can easily be faked. It’s not hard at all to create a fake “proof” video. There are even websites on the internet that offer these kinds of services! Stop falling for fake cheat websites and use our guide instead.

Even it was possible to just hack into a game like this and offer Heroes Tactics cheats the developers would notice in no time that people were getting thousands of crystals without paying for them and ban the accounts. So, getting crystals for free is not possible by using a generator. However, that does not mean that it’s impossible to get gems for free. It does require a little bit more effort than simply pressing a button, but it’s possible to get free crystals for Heroes Tactics by using our guide.

How to get free crystals in Heroes Tactics

We were fed up with all the scammy websites that people saw when they were looking for a way to get free crystals. That’s why we decided to research all the methods to get crystals and compile the best ones into our guide. Our guide will allow you to obtain gems without paying for them.

Best of all, our guide to getting crystals in Heroes tactics is available completely for free. It took a lot of time and research to complete this guide but here on Tap Tap Gaming we’re all about sharing. All we ask is that if you enjoy our guide that you share it with your friends!

Our guide will work for getting crystals on both Android and iPhone devices. The process for obtaining crystals is outlined for both devices. It also does not require any jailbreak or root. The top players of Heroes Tactics already use these methods to get ahead in the game. They’re not happy about us sharing these secrets but we figured the rest of the world deserved to know it too. Don’t get left behind and gain the competitive edge you need with our guide!

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