Golf Clash Review – Is this golf game worth playing?

Golf Clash is without a doubt the number one golf game on Android and iOS, but is it actually good? In today’s review we’re going to go over all aspects of the game; we’ll go over the gameplay, the graphics and whether the game is pay to win in this Golf Clash Review!

The gameplay

Since Golf Clash is a golfing game, the objective of the game is quite simple: hit the ball in the hole. But while this might sound simple, there’s more to it than you might think. You have to take into account the wind, what club you’re using, what ball you’re using and more.

When you start playing Golf Clash you get a short introduction where the basics of the game are explained to you. After that, the fun begins and you jump into multiplayer matches against other players. The game is heavily multiplayer focused; all your matches are against other real human players.

The matchmaking system is quite decent. When we started playing the game we didn’t get matched up against pro’s, but rather against other new players. That’s very important, because nobody likes to get stomped by better players in their first few games. Especially in Golf Clash it’s important to win, because you pay coins in the form of an entry fee to play against other players. When you win the match you win coins and when you lose your entry fee is gone.

golf clash entry fee

As you progress through the game and earn more trophies you can go on different “tours”. The higher level the tour, the bigger the entry fee and thus the higher the reward if you win. The entree fees and prizes ramp up pretty quickly, from a meager 100 coins prize at the start to a staggering 60 million coins at level 12!

Overall the gameplay is quite simple, but a lot of fun with a high skill ceiling. Learning to read the wind and getting better at hitting the ball will take time, but is very rewarding.

The graphics

The graphics of Golf Clash are pretty basic. For example, you don’t actually see the club you’re hitting the ball with. Instead, you drag the ball back to hit it. But since it’s a golf game, there’s no need for super fancy graphics in our opinion. Everything that needs to be there is there, and it looks quite decent. An upside of the game not being super graphically intensive is that it will run pretty smoothly on most devices.

golf clash graphics

The best way to show you the graphics of the game is by showing some footage of it. Check out the YouTube video below to get an idea of what playing the game looks like.

We believe that the graphics of Golf Clash are quite nice, but that’s of course subjective.

Pay to win factor

Since Golf Clash is a freemium game (free with micro transactions) there’s of course some degree of gaining an advantage by spending money. However, we don’t believe that this makes Golf Clash pay to win.

Golf Clash has a lot of room for skill; you can have the best clubs and the best ball and still lose to a better player with worse equipment.

However, in the higher tours you do run into players that will beat you simply because of their better equipment. They might be slightly worse at the game than you but their better equipment might give them the edge to beat you. A good way to level the playing field with them would be to use our guide to getting free coins and gems, which you can find our post about cheating in Golf Clash.

Overall we’d say that Golf Clash is not pay to win, but pay to get an advantage. These advantages can sometimes result in winning, but if you’re really good you can still beat people who spend a lot of money on the game.

Final thoughts – is it worth playing?

If you’re a fan of golf games, Golf Clash is definitely worth checking out. It’s good for casual players as well as hardcore players due to the good matchmaking and the high skill ceiling. The graphics and gameplay are very well executed and make it a very enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

You can check out Golf Clash for Android here, and for iOS here.

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