Getting free gems in Chef Town Cooking Simulation

Chef Town Cooking Simulator is a game on Android and iOS that’s become a favorite among the cooking simulator lovers. The game is insanely fun and addicting but there’s one main drawback in the game. That’s the fact that the gems you need to progress in the game are very hard to obtain. If you decide to buy them then they can set you back quite a bit of money. For example, the “mountain pack of gems” will set you back a cool $60.

That’s why we decided to look into alternative ways to obtain gems in the game. We’ve spent a lot of time to research all the methods to obtain gems for Chef Town but we believe that we have found the best way to obtain them and we want to share them with you.

Chef Town Cheats & Hacks

When you look for a way to get free gems in Chef Town: Cooking Simulation you might run into websites that offer Chef Town Cheats. However, these so called Chef Town Cheats are all fake and scams. There are no hacks or cheats available for the game at all and that’s not surprising. Many people don’t understand that it’s impossible to just hack or cheat to get resources in a game like this. If such a thing was possible then it would be shut down by the creators of the game in no-time and the people who used it would get their account banned.

We ran into such websites ourselves too when we were looking for ways to get free gems in the game. We even tested out some of them just to confirm that they don’t work. Some of them might have fancy “proof” videos or images but these are easily spoofed. Don’t fall for them. Check out this video where we test them:


When you use our guide to get free gems in Chef Town you don’t have to worry about any of this. All the methods we outline in our guide are completely legal and work 100% of the time.

The legitimate way of obtaining free gems

Often when people put a lot of time and effort into creating a guide they don’t just release it for free. However, on Tap Tap Gaming we specialize in creating guides like this and we always offer them for free to our readers. We have created several guides already and we will be releasing them all on our website completely for free.

You will never have to pay in order to access any of our guides and our Chef Town Cooking Simulation Free Gems guide is no exception. Anyone can use our guide completely for free. Also, our guide will work on both Android and iPhones. All the methods we outline in our guide to get free gems in Cooking Town will work for you, no matter what device you play on.

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