Durango: Wild Lands Hacks, Cheat Codes & Free Durango Coins Guide

Durango: Wild Lands Cheats are highly sought after by people who want to obtain the premium currency: “Durango Coins” for free. There are many websites that claim to have working cheats or hacks, but how do you know if any of them work? We tested them to find out!

Durango: Wild Lands had its global release earlier in 2019. Ever since then, it’s quickly grown to be one of the most popular MMOs on both the Android and iOS platform. The game has been downloaded by millions of players and has a large player base all around the world.

Durango Wild Lands is free to play, but as with most mobile games, it’s a “freemium” experience. This means that it’s monetized through micro transactions. The main premium currency in Durango: Wild Lands are Durango Coins and these are quite important in the game. However, buying through in-app purchases them can get expensive quickly. It’s therefore not all that surprising that a lof of players try to find Durango Cheats.

In today’s post we’re going to put all the cheats, hacks, and codes that we find to the test to see if any of them work. That way won’t have to do it yourself! In the case that none of them work, we’ll share an alternative method that you can use to get free coins. Let’s dig in!

Durango: Wild Lands Hacks

Durango Wild Land Hack Tools aren’t hard to find because there’s quite a few of them around. The hard thing is to find out which ones work (if any at all!). Normally you’d have to test them all out one by one, but no longer. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and tested them all out and will share the results with you.

While there are many different sites that offer hacks for the game, they look suspiciously similar to one another. We’ll show you a screenshot of one of the hacks that we’ve tested below.

durango hack screenshot
This is what your average “durango hack” looks like. Let’s test it to see if it works.

As you can see, the durango coins generator looks pretty basic. It asks you for your username/email, how many coins you want and the platform you play on. To test it, and see if it would actually deliver the coins, we entered the requested information and pressed the “start” button. Once we did so the site informed us that it was in progress of adding the resources to our account.

But did it really work? Was it really that simple to get free coins?

Did it work?

Unfortunately, before we could receive our durango coins we had to complete a human verification. If you’ve tried one of those hacks yourself, I’m sure you’re familiar with them. They make you download an app or complete a survey before you can obtain the resources.

However, even though we went through their human verification, we never received any coins at all! The hack tool promised us that we would receive the free coins immediately after completing the verification, but even hours later we didn’t receive anything. This durango hack didn’t work in the slightest.

But we didn’t stop there. We tested every single website that claims to have working hack tools or generators in the same way, hoping to find at least one that would work, but with no success. They’re all very much the same as the one we’ve shown you above. They make huge promises of giving you all the free coins you’ll ever need but none of them deliver. If you come across a website that claims that you can get free coins by entering your email or username and pressing a few buttons, stay away. None of these hacks work!

Durango: Wild Lands Cheat Codes

In addition to these “durango coin generators” there’s also quite a few websites that offer players cheat codes. They claim that you can take the code, enter it in the game and you will magically unlock in-app purchases for free. Usually these cheat codes look a bit like this:

900+180 Durango Coins – iPqi23nmOP_XQ

While these cheat codes might look like they’d work, they do not! There’s a very simple reason why they do not work, you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game. This makes cheat codes completely useless. Don’t waste your time on them.

However, obtaining free durango coins is possible. If you’d like to find out how, keep reading and we’ll tell you more about our method.

How to get free durango coins

Getting free coins in Durango is possible, but not by using hacks or cheat codes. These are simply too good to be true. Think about it, if you could obtain thousands of coins for free by pressing a few buttons or entering a code, everyone would do it!

The method we’re going to share with you today is guaranteed to work, but does require some time investment. But don’t worry, it’s nothing too bad, and it’s very easy to do. We’ve used this method ourselves to get coins in Durango quite a few times, and it always works with great success.

To give you a proper overview of a our method we’ve written up a quick and to the point guide. This guide will show you our method step-by-step. Our guide is available completely for free, and it works on both the Android and iOS version of the game without having to mess around with rooting or jailbreaking.

And best of all: no human verification!

If you’re ready to learn the only working method of obtaining free durango coins click the blue button below to get instant access to our free guide!

durango coins guide

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