battle warship naval empire

Battle Warship: Naval Empire Cheats – Getting Free Gold [Android/iOS]

battle warship naval empire

Are you looking for Battle Warship: Naval Empire cheats? Do you want to know if there’s a possibility to hack this game? Well, you are lucky, because today we have taken the time to evaluate every hack available for this game. Let’s find out!

Battle Warship: Naval Empire was created by SpecialGamez and published on both the Play store and the App store in 2017. The average rating is 4.2 stars on Android and 4 stars on Apple. This game has a huge fame on Android with over 10 million users and roughly 95 thousand reviews, which makes Battle Warship Naval Empire a very popular game.

Before we go into the hacks that we’ve found and tested for this game, let’s talk a little bit about the game itself. That way people who are unfamiliar with it can get an idea what it’s about.

The game dynamics of Battle Warship: Naval Empire

battle warship naval empire screenshot

The first thing we noticed when we first played this game was the amazing audible dialogues from the NPCS, along with a nice storyline. This sole feature makes the game very engaging.

In Battle Warship: Naval Empire the main goal is to upgrade your base and conquer the sea. You start by building factories that are going to help you gather all the necessary resources you’ll need to create your naval army. Said resources are: electricity, oil and uranium. You can also earn them by defeating pirates in the ocean or steal them from other players. The in-game special currency is Gold, you can get it for free, from battles or by completing missions, however, the best way to get Gold is to purchase it from the game store.

As you keep upgrading your base and your factories, you gain access to new battle ships and aircraft carriers as well as new aircraft. The amazing thing about these aircraft carriers and battleships is that they are based on real life models, from the Second World War until now, so you are playing with ships that actually exist!

You will also be able to create or join an alliance to fight your enemies and exchange resources. The combat system is turn-based, and you can customize your avatar, open treasure chests, and add new abilities to your commanders.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire Hacks

Although a great game, the pay-to play system becomes more evident as you keep progressing in the game. To avoid this, players usually look for other alternatives, and without not a shadow of a doubt a Google search for “cheats for Battle Warship Naval Empire” or “Hacks for Battle Warship Naval Empire”, is what brought you here, but… do these hacks we find on Google actually work?

battle warship naval empire hack
When you find websites that offer gold generators, they usually look something like this.

We notice there are a lot of them, most we found have similar interfaces and offer tons of resources, let’s try them out!

Testing the cheats we found

The first hack we found online was a “gold generator” which claimed to give you as much gold as you wanted. We tried it out, and provided all the details it asked us for. Then, we downloaded the games required to unlock the hack and followed all the steps. We waited a couple hours to give it a chance to work.

To our surprise, the gold generator for Battle Warship Naval Empire didn’t work, neither on Android nor iOS. We believe that these platforms are just a way to force you to download the game and help the creator get profit from the advertisement.

About cheat codes

After this hack, we tried a series of cheat codes we found on another page website. While these cheat codes might appear to be legit, the problem you inevitably run into is that these sites do not tell you where to enter these cheat codes. The reason for this is because you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game! These cheat codes do not do anything and are completely useless!

After hours of looking for a different hack for Battle Warship Naval Commander, all we came across with was more codes and more gold generators. So, we came to the conclusion that there are no true hacks currently available for this game. But as always, we found a legit method you can use to get gold for free! Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

How to get free gold on Battle warship: Naval Empire – legitimately

We have created an alternative method for you to make some extra gold, without the need of hacking or cheating the game. If you follow our step-by-step guide, you will be able to obtain a ton of gold without having to spend a dime.

Of course, since this is not a hack it will take a bit more time than pressing a few buttons, but at least this method will actually work.

This method is our own creation, so you won’t find it anywhere else. We really hope you like it and get to enjoy the game still more than you do now!

This method will work on both the Android and iOS version of the game. You also don’t need to root or jailbreak your phone in order to take advantage of it. Click the big blue button below and serve yourself with the only working method of obtaining free gold in Battle Warship: Naval Empire.

Battle Warship Naval Empire gold guide

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