Army Men Strike Cheats and Hacks – The Truth about getting free Gold

army men strike

Today we are going to review the hacks for Army Men Strike, a very interesting game that has been increasingly gaining popularity. It has pretty good reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars and over 500.000 reviews on Android, as well as 4.4 stars on iOS, with over 80.000 reviews. The amount of downloads is huge (with millions of users around the world), so we decided it’s worth trying to find hacks for this game. We will do in-depth research and testing, checking every corner on the internet in order to find cheats for Army Men Strike and try them one by one in the hopes of obtaining free gold for the game.

While the game is very popular, we are going to explain a bit more about it in case some of our readers haven’t played it before.

What is Army Men Strike?

In Army Men Strike, we go back to our childhood days, when we used to play with toy soldiers and wished they could move and fight for real. Army Men Strike brought this childhood dream to reality, allowing you to have control over an entire army of plastic soldiers, fight against other players, complete quests, build your stronghold and be the king of the toy kingdom.

This game has unique features that make it very engaging and addictive. It has very good dialogues and a nice plot, besides that you have the possibility to upgrade your units and vehicles as well as your commanders. Each commander has special abilities that will help you in the war field. A very important detail is that you have to use your strategical thinking to create a good line out and choose the right units in order to win more battles, it means this game is not just a ton of fun, but it also exercises your brain.

There are two fundamental resources you need to collect: Plastic and paint. You can earn said resources by creating factories and upgrading them, receive them as rewards for completing quests or win them at the battlefield. There’s also the premium currency called gold, more on that later.

Trying to find cheats for Army Men Strike

The special in-game currency is Gold, you can harvest it in battles and get some from rewards, although the easiest way to get it is to purchase it directly from the online store, and here is where the main problem resides, a lot of players don’t have the possibility (or the willingness) to pay for a limited amount of gold. These are understandably enough reasons for players to keep looking for Army Men Strike cheats, that’s why we are going to do our research and save you some time.

Even if we don’t find a hack that is working, we will find a way for you to make more gold without the need of buying it.

Testing the hacks

The first Army Men Strike cheat we found was a downloadable file that we downloaded under the risk of it being malignant malware. Fortunately, when we downloaded it, we noticed it was just a list of offers we had to complete, after we completed one, we were linked to a Gold generator app that didn’t work at all. Apparently this is just a way for the scammers to make money from the advertising visits.

army men strike hack
This is what the average Army Men Strike Gold Generator looked like. Might seem legit, but it’s not what it seems.

However, we didn’t lose hope ant tried another cheat. This one was a form where you could type the amount of plastic and Gold you want. We tried with our devices, but after pressing the “start hack” button, we realized it was very similar to the previous page. It re-directed us to an advertising page where we had to download some games in order to get the actual hack. We downloaded the games required, (all for the sake of science!) but our free resources never arrived.

Conclusion after trying all the hacks – did any of them work at all?

We didn’t only try the hacks mentioned above, we tried lots of them. This includes trying codes, watching YouTube videos and following all the instructions, using cheat engine, etc. At the end of the day nothing worked. We can confidently say that there’s no working hack available for Army Men Strike. All of these gold generator websites are nothing more than a big waste of time because they simply do not work! You won’t receive any free gold by using them.

But fear not! We’ve got your back! We know a legitimate method of obtaining free gold in Army Men Strike that we’re going to reveal to you today.

How to obtain free gold in Army Men Strike

After trying several Army Men Strike Cheats with no success, we have discovered a method that actually works. This is a method we have created ourselves. It took time, but we finally managed to figure out how to do it, and we have created a guide for it.

Follow this step-by step guide we have created for free, so that you can try this new way to make Gold in Army Men Strike. Click the big blue button below to gain access to our guide and learn how to get gold for free in Army men Strike!

Army Men Strike Gold Guide

Note: This method works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game and you can use it just fine without having to root or jailbreak your device.

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