Marvel Strike Force – Top 6 Best Characters (and how to get them)

Marvel Strike Force features tons of heroes and villains that you can use to bolster your team. But which ones are good, and which ones are bad? Today we’re going to reveal our top 6 picks for the best characters in the game.

The best characters in Marvel Strike Force

In order to make a good team, you need good characters. Nevertheless, some characters work good in some team compositions/game modes but are pretty underwhelming on their own. In our pick for best characters we include only the ones that are very good stand alone, and that will work in pretty much any team and are good in every game mode. Let’s get started.

1. Captain America

Captain America is excellent in Arena Offense/Blitz/Alliance War Offense. Furthermore, it performs very well in the Campaign, raids & Dark Dimension. Captain America is a little bit weaker than some of the other top picks in Arena Defense and Alliance War Defense but still does very well.

Captain America is a tank, and a very good one at that.

Overall it’s a very good pick in almost every game mode and with every team. You can unlock Captain America at 3 stars, costing 100 shards.

2. Black Widow

There’s not much to say about why black widow is one of the best characters in Marvel Strike Force. She simply offers excellent performance in every single game mode, and works with almost every team composition.

Black widow is a controller, a class that every team needs to excel. She offers a lot of utility to your team.

You can unlock Black Widow at 3 stars at the cost of 100 shards.

3. Minn-Erva

We have to include her on this list for 1 simple reason: she’s a must have for Raids and Dark Dimension. Besides that she performs very well in all the other game modes as well. Under performing only very slightly in Arena Defense and Alliance War Defense.

Check out this video to see how to obtain Minn-Erva:

4. Magneto

Magneto is a yet another character that performs very well across every game mode. The only place where he’s a bit weaker (if it doesn’t have the right team) is in the campaigns/raids/dark dimensions.

Nevertheless, his excellent performance earns him a spot in our top list.

Magneto can be unlocked at 5 stars, this will cost 310 shards. However, you do have to wait for his event to come to unlock him if you do not already have him.

5. Nick Fury

Nick Fury is yet another very powerful character. He’s A+ tier in every game mode.

You can unlock Nick Fury at 5 stars, which costs 310 shards. You will have to wait for Nick Fury’s event to be active before you can unlock him. Five 5 star Kree minions are required in order to do the event.

6. Pyro

Pyro is a very good area of effect damage dealer. He’s very powerful and is A+ in all the game modes.

He’s unlocked at 2 stars at the cost of 45 shards. However, you will have to wait for his event to be active before you can get your hands on him.

Closing thoughts

Those are our top 6 picks for the best characters in Marvel Strike Force. This list was based on individual performance only. Some heroes might be better in certain team compositions than others. Hopefully it was interesting and useful.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power levels of all the heroes, I highly recommend you to check out Khasino’s tier list, which you can find here. It gives a very good overview of the power level of all the characters in the game by ranking them from god to trash tier.

His tier list is updated quite frequently when new updates to the game are released.

In addition, if you’d like to progress through the game faster, check out our guide on obtaining free power cores which we shared in our post about the use of cheats in Marvel Strike Force.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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